Graduate Students Against GSWU

  GSWU Has Been Defeated

1857 Against Unionization to 1142 For Unionization


If you are unsure about the potential effectiveness of a graduate student union at the University of Minnesota, your concerns are not unfounded. Other than promoting the vague notion of "having a voice at the table," we do not believe that Graduate Student Workers United (GSWU/UAW) supporters have shown that their union is necessary or that it would be valuable to the university community. In short, union supporters have not been able to provide a real list of grievances that cannot be addressed through existing channels within the University.

This website is a resource for other graduate students who either share our beliefs about the GSWU or who are still trying to decide where they stand on the issue. Throughout, we focus on concrete points about why the GSWU is not a good fit for our university. In particular, we aim to show:

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Finally, we urge you to take a look at our new Open Letter to Graduate Students so you can get a quick idea of our position, and if you want to post a few posters around campus, here's one of our favorites. There are plenty more posters on the get involved page.