Graduate Students Against GSWU

Concerns About the UAW


It has come to our attention that the UAW has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this unionization campaign. In the fiscal year 2010 alone, this document shows that organizers Melody Hoffman, Sara Nelson, Noah Ebner, Daniel Sadowski, Joanne Delaune, Scott Zurkuhlen and Matt Hindman were personally paid $135,231.00 for their services. This means that when the union organizers were pushy or downright harassing to you, they were paid deliberately for that purpose. This gives the previously-written section below much more context.

  Previous Concerns

The UAW has attempted to get a large amount of signature cards signed so that there could be the possibility of a joint-petition for unionization. The University rejected this option and instead asked for a vote. However, while the UAW was collecting signatures, many graduate students reported being harassed, intimidated, or misled. Union organizers often visited students at their offices, research laboratories, teaching laboratories, and even their homes. Union organizers frequently would not leave until a student signed the election authorization card.

International students were specifically targeted in this way. Union organizers approached international students on the day of the orientation and asked them to sign election authorization cards. In several cases, the organizers did not inform them that the cards that they were signing would authorize the UAW to represent them, or that the cards would authorize an election. This document outlines how international students feel about the union organizers' efforts to get signature cards signed.

It is our position, however, that even though there are serious concerns regarding the forthrightness of the union organizers, that this is not our main concern. We reiterate that there is no logical justification for this union irrespective of the character of the organizers trying to move it forward. Please see the responses section for detailed analyses on several common union claims.