Graduate Students Against GSWU

UAW Finances

If you are wondering about the money that the UAW spent on the recent (2012) unionization attempt, this is the page you are looking for. As a final act of closure for those of us that opposed the UAW/GSWU, we are compiling the financial figures here so that the information that we found over the course of the unionization drive does not get lost. All the information here comes from the UAW's LM-2 forms, which are freely available from the US Department of Labor. The LM-2 forms themselves are available by clicking on the year that you're interested. We also include, at the bottom of this page, a short description of the process by which you can find LM-2 forms for any union of interest.

Normally, the fact that a union pays for organizers to get support for a union would not be news. This situation is different for several reasons:

* Because of our inexperience reading LM-2 forms, we are not sure if we should include the amounts in the LM-2 forms here and here, or if doing so would be double-counting salaries. Looking at the PDF from the first link, you can see that the 2011 payments from the UAW's National LM-2 seems to be incomplete (and because this is the basis for the tables above, those numbers are underestimates). For example, David Morawski's income from the local was $30,000, but only $17,000 is listed on the UAW National's LM-2. If these payments made by local chapters of the UAW (Local 125 and Local 879) are unique from those on the national LM-2 forms, the total expenditure will skyrocket.

From these numbers, it is likely that the UAW has spent over $700,000 on this organization effort in 2010 and 2011 alone. Because the UAW/GSWU refuses to disclose their finances (even while claiming to be proud of the money they have received), we can only say that this is a low estimate. It does not include pay or associated costs for the graduate students from outside universities that came here for the purposes of organizing. It also does not include any charges for UAW staff time, with the exception of Maureen Boyd, who was copied on all of the official letters sent from the BMS.

If you are interested in getting financial information on the union that is trying to unionize your university, go to the US Department of Labor website and find the union in question on the "Union Name by Abbreviation" field. For the UAW, we found them listed as "UAW-AUTO WORKERS AFL-CIO." For a preliminary search, click submit at the bottom of the page. In the case of the UAW, this will bring you to the page with all of the UAW organizations and at the bottom is the "NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS" for which you can now view the LM-2 in HTML format. Search for your state by its postal code abbreviation or search for graduate students that you know will be on the union's payroll. For convenience, we have converted the HTML web page-based form that you are now looking at into a PDF via the print-to-file function available on all web browsers.

For further information on this subject, this site may also be helpful.