Graduate Students Against GSWU

Join Us!

If you agree with our positions on the GSWU and would like to team up with us, please contact us on Facebook. If you hate Facebook and wouldn't be caught dead on it, try to find someone in your department that is connected to our organization. If you cannot locate such a person, it is likely that we haven't yet made contact with your department. In this case, we strongly encourage you to contact us via Facebook.

  Who We Are

This is a volunteer organization with no income and no connection to the University other than the obvious connections we have as graduate students. We are looking for new faces in our quest to avoid representation by the GSWU, so please feel free to get involved. If you are interested in contributing financially to our cause, please consider coordinating with us to purchase fliers that we will distribute throughout campus.

We will post templates of posters that you can print out and post around campus. Remember to keep them on the public bulletin boards, and if you are planning on writing messages in chalk on the sidewalks, you must write on horizontal surfaces that are exposed to rain/snow.

  I Support Your Cause, But I Don't Want to Get Involved

There is nothing wrong with wanting to oppose the unionization of graduate students in your own way. In this case, the best way to help out is by talking to your coworkers about the relevant issues surrounding the unionization. If you are unobtrusive in approaching your colleagues, your message will be heard clearly.