Graduate Students Against GSWU

Update 4/13/2012

The University of Minnesota has released this statement in response to the lawsuit filed by the UAW/GSWU. There was some question as to whether the UAW filed this suit independently, or if the UAW and GSWU filed it together. The GSWU has confirmed their involvement in this lawsuit. As a result of it, the BMS has released an order of maintenance of status quo, which can be found at the link above. It is unlikely that this order will affect the life of the average graduate student in any meaningful way, but the spectre of a lawsuit that may erase the resounding, democratic defeat of the UAW/GSWU is disconcerting for all of us.

The question most graduate students have at this point is "what happens now?" The best answer we can give is "we don't know." However, we do know that in 2005 the losing union (GradTRAC) chose to file a similar suit against the University, which was quickly dismissed.

Thank You!

The results of the unionization election for 2012 have been announced and the GSWU has been soundly and democratically defeated. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the voter, for your participation in the election. The effort to oppose the UAW/GSWU stretched across departments, schools, and political parties, and the result of it is that we are still independent from that group. Your votes and your actions in opposition to the GSWU were critical in that respect.

Before we part ways, there are a few things that we would like to touch on: